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homewok starters


Wonton Soup

Soup with savoury pork, prawn, shiitake dumplings spring onion, sesame oil


Chicken Noodle Soup

Savoury glass noodles with chicken,
spring onions and sesame oil


Tom Yum Soup

Piquant tart soup with king prawns, carrot,  cabbage and tomato


Vegetable Soup

Clear broth with mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, beansprouts, spring onions and sesame oil

Crispy Seaweed


Seaweed with crumbly, dried and grated yellowfin tuna 


Salt and Pepper Chips

Piquant chips with onions, peppers and garlic. Garnished with spring onions, chilli and lemon 

Where to order your food

Glasgow Best Chinese Food Takeaway Scotland

Homwok is now exclusively on UberEats as delivery option. Or simply call us to give up an order for collection

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